Where To Open Safety Deposit Box

Where To Open Safety Deposit Box

A number of high street financial institutions have actually quit providing safety deposit boxes, potentially placing important and expensive items in danger.

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She Has A Lot Of Irish Pride

My girlfriend Shaina is one of the first people I have ever met from Ireland. I have met quite a few Irish-Americans, but it is is most definitely not the same. The level of pride she has for her homeland beat all that I have ever seen. I am a stone cold America lover, and she has me beat by a mile. We have been together for a little over four years and I am ready to take things to the next level.

engagement rings stockI am not one of those guys that buys diamond rings every day, so I am a little intimidated. My sister was over here earlier, and I showed her a few of the rings I had in mind. She looked a little unsure about my selection, but I think a lot of that was because she wouldn’t want any of them personally.  She was trying to steer me toward a more traditional engagement ring, but I know in my heart that my girlfriend would like my idea more.

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Philip Treacy to design exclusive jewellery collection

Philip Treacy to design exclusive jewellery collection


Irish milliner Philip Treacy is set to design an exclusive collection of engagement rings in conjunction with Voltaire Diamonds.

The diamond company will craft Treacy’s designs, which are expected to be launched in early 2013, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Each set of rings will have an individual identity and unique touch that only Treacy could give to a product so important and sacred.

‘We want the collection pieces to represent beautiful, highly desirable, emotional symbols of love, which are also exclusive, treasured possessions’, Philip Treacy said, as the project detail was finalised this week.

Seamus Fahy, CEO of Voltaire Diamonds, says “Bringing Philip Treacy’s design originality and remarkable vision to the creation of these rings will create an exceptionally special offering for brides-to-be, and provides a fresh and new creative option that will appeal to a discerning clientele”.

Philip Treacy is one of the world’s most visionary, unique and beloved milliners. With celebrity clientele money cannot buy, he has become a permanent fixture the celebrity styles of Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker and various royals.

Two of Treacy’s designs, on Sarah Jessica Parker and on Katy Perry

The 45 year-old designer, hailing from Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, recently designed Madonna’s iconic headdress that she wore with a full Givenchy outfit for her Superbowl performance.

Appointments can be made from next September to view the exclusive design drawings for the Voltaire Diamonds Philip Treacy Collection, and pieces can be reserved in advance by those wishing to own one of the unique first edition rings.

The numbered limited edition collection will be available initially within Ireland and the UK only, and all detail will be carried on the company website