My girlfriend Shaina is one of the first people I have ever met from Ireland. I have met quite a few Irish-Americans, but it is is most definitely not the same. The level of pride she has for her homeland beat all that I have ever seen. I am a stone cold America lover, and she has me beat by a mile. We have been together for a little over four years and I am ready to take things to the next level.

engagement rings stockI am not one of those guys that buys diamond rings every day, so I am a little intimidated. My sister was over here earlier, and I showed her a few of the rings I had in mind. She looked a little unsure about my selection, but I think a lot of that was because she wouldn’t want any of them personally.  She was trying to steer me toward a more traditional engagement ring, but I know in my heart that my girlfriend would like my idea more.

I want to propose to her, but I am having a very hard time choosing which one of the engagement rings I have seen is the right one for her. I wanted to get something that has an Irish feel to it, because I know that will make her love my selection even more. I spent a few hours on Google the other night looking up results for “engagement rings dublin,” and I think I have a good idea of what I should be on the lookout for.

The ones I have in mind are all claddagh rings, but they are different as far as style and metal. I know that my girlfriend does not like gold very much, so I would definitely get her something that is either white gold or platinum. I am not a huge fan of silver since it tends to get very tarnished over time. I saw several that have a diamonds in them, and a few that have other stones in them as well.

I would go for the green stone, but I think that is taking the entire Irish theme a bit too far. While that is a great color in general, I don’t think an engagement ring with a green stone will put a smile on her face. I will stick with something that is diamond, but that brings up another issue. I am not sure what size stone I should get. I don’t want to look cheap, so I want to get something pretty sizable, but I also have to keep the fact that I am not made of money in the forefront.

I think that my girlfriend will end up appreciating whatever ring I purchase, but like I said earlier, I want it to be something that reflects a bit of who she is. She loves me for me and I love her for her, so my ring choice should show her how true that is to my heart.